Solvryn® Enterprise System

Web-based solution for Data Exchange, Back-Office Services, and Climate Smart Product Management

Solvryn® Enterprise System is at the core of our ability to provide enterprise wide services

GPT's deep domain expertise enables us to offer our clients a single platform for all data management, and a variety of innovative services.

♦ Data Exchange ♦ Blockchain ♦ Sustainable Products ♦ Commodity Management

GPT has been serving clients since 2004.
Our technology provides efficiency and scalability.

Data exchange
and Blockchain
Web portal
for easy access
Advanced analytics
and reporting
Advanced Data Exchange

We have a robust data exchange module that handles all available file formats.

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ESG Management

Solvryn® Enterprise System has an enterprise ESG solution, providing access to multiple data sources.

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Back-Office Services

We have existing reports and analytics to save our customers time and money.

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Supply Management

GPT has developed work flows and reports to assist our clients with their supply portfolio.

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What’s New?

Climate Smart Commodity Management

Solvryn® Enterprise provides climate smart commodity management, data exchange, data validation, automated enrollment processing, project deal management, commodity tracking, certificate tracking, commodity price management, advanced billing, accounting, forecasting, customer service, program dashboards, data analysis, and many more value-added modules.

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Smart contracts will be used to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Once the NFTs are minted, the smart contracts can be used to expand the number of potential buyers by utilizing creative product sales approaches such as virtual fine art, virtual lands, virtual equipment, virtual agriculture/plants, and virtual livestock/animal ownership. Supporters will contribute to carbon reduction initiatives through the purchase of NFTs, and earn rewards as they progress within the virtual world and the larger community in the Metaverse.